Advantages and Disadvantages Bamboo Flooring Reviews

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Bamboo flooring reviews – Bamboo flooring is available in its natural, straw-colored finish or in a darker form that has been subjected to a heat process. Stained and stained bamboo flooring is also available. Lime and boric acid is used to treat after bamboo cutting are repellents of termites and other wood pests and prevent the rotting of types that can affect wood floors. Unfortunately, some Chinese manufacturers of bamboo boards use toxic chemicals to dye the wood, according to the green construction.

Unlike natural bamboo that is knotty and uneven, once transformed into wood, bamboo flooring has a flat, smooth and shiny surface that is very attractive. The bamboo floor is easy to install, as there is no need to sand or stain the place. The plant arrives ready to be established by the owner of a house or a contractor. It should be left aside in the room where it will be installed for two or three days before installation, to acclimate to temperature and humidity.

Bamboo flooring is not impervious to moisture and may not be suitable for bathrooms or other areas of the house prone to moisture. Some food products and cleaning products can stain bamboo floors, but a protective wax coating can help limit this danger.