Advantages of Diy Bamboo Trellis

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Bamboo trellis – Many and many garden lovers would like to have a trellis to support their vine and vines. The truth is that the lattices sold in the trade, or are very fragile or very expensive and exaggeratedly heavy. No end of those is desirable to fix a garden, and the best solution we can have is to make ourselves a bamboo trellis. Which besides being economical, is easy to make and very aesthetic in appearance.

Another advantage that you have to build your own bamboo trellis fence, is that you decide the size of your fence. Also choose the width of the rods to achieve a visual effect. To go tying the rods of bamboo, typically tie cords coated with wax, which may be black to contrast with the color beige used bamboo.

A bamboo trellis ideas can cost them around USD 10 and they only need about two hours to build it. To make your own, the first thing is to make a design on paper, think about where you are going to place it and take measurements. The materials they need to work the bamboo are nothing more than a hand saw, a pencil, paper, waxed cords, ruler or tape measure and bamboo poles.