Amazing Professional Cuisinart Knife Set

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Cuisinart knife set – Instead of separating the knives from each other, the idea came to associate them to become one: why not nesting knives? This is the original idea behind this amazing professional knife set. Most knives sold in the trade are steel. It should be noted all the same the appearance in recent years of ceramic knives which are very good knives but must be known to handle with attention. Finally, there are also titanium knives but their use is marginal because their price is quite high.

You’re right to add “main” because there are dozens and dozens of different models of knives! In fact, knives take different forms in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, the most widely spread traditions are Western tradition and Japanese tradition. The paring knife is a knife of 7 to 11 cm thick blade, short and very sharp. It is generally used for all kinds of delicate work: peeling and peeling fruits and vegetables, making strawberries, removing hearts from apples, etc.

The useful knife is a 10 to 16 cm knife with a thick blade. It is good for peeling fruits, chopping vegetables, cutting cheese, and slicing garlic cloves. Like the chef’s knife, it is extremely versatile, except when it comes to attacking meat.