Bamboo Flooring Selecting The Best Brand For You

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo Flooring  – Bamboo flooring gives you a good choice if you want to install something unique and beautiful on your floor. Based on research, you will find that this floor type floor shows certain light that cannot be seen on other types of floors. These are available in various colors that provide enough choices for homeowners and home builders to choose from. This is also suitable for various rooms in your home, ranging from public spaces such as kitchens and living rooms, to private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Most importantly, bamboo is the most environmentally friendly flooring product, harvested every four years or more and easily cultivated.

Most products are imported from China, where production is tightly controlled to maximize sustainability. Presenting this review requires mention of some of the more popular bamboo brands. Included in the list are Panda Lumber and Enviro Choice Bamboo, with previously proudly harvested every six years to increase durability and stability. If you are looking for comfort, try Bamboo Premium, which does not require candles, while Springwood offers a range of products suitable for installments on heated floors.

West hollow products are considered stylish and so is Woodstock, which has colorful bamboo floors outside of natural and carbonated colors, giving you homeowners with a variety of choices. All of these brands are available on the ready floor, which means smaller efforts at the installer. However, when you want your floor to match the colors of wood products and wood elements around your home, try the Far East Unfinished brand.