Bamboo Hardwood Flooring: Inexpensive and Easy To Maintain

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo hardwood flooring – Bamboo is a wonderful natural ecological flooring, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. It is similar to other hardwoods, and the type of bamboo you get will vary in relative hardness from long-lasting red oak, up to the sweet black walnut depending on the process that was used to make it. Dust, sand and other small particles pose the greatest threat to the beauty of the surface of a bamboo floor.

These tiny grains act like the grains of a piece of sandpaper, and when people walk on the ground, they inadvertently press them onto the surface of the bamboo and drag them to the surface, marking and scratching them. To avoid scratches, sweep or vacuum regularly on a bamboo floor. Do not allow tiny abrasive materials to accumulate on the surface as they may damage the surface of the soil over time.

Carpets and rugs can also be placed at any entrance to the room to reduce the amount of small particle debris entering the space. These carpets must be dusted regularly. There are a number of cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning bamboo floors. You will also find that most hardwood floor cleaners are also suitable for bamboo, provided they are not alkaline, and are not wax.