Bamboo Headboard in a Timeless Style

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo headboard – When you enter a room, this is one of the first things that catches your eye: the headboard. Whether massive or discreet, it stands out and enhances your sleeping area. A good reason to find the headboard of your dreams! From a practical point of view, the headboard prevents leaving traces on the wall that can stain the wallpaper or damage paint. It is also an essential decorative element: aesthetic, the headboard brings charm, style and originality to your room.

For the smallest budget, why not be tempted by the stickers? We find today that serve as headboard: trees, friezes, bamboo stickers or reproducing a headboard wrought iron … in addition to their low prices, the stickers offer a real saving of space! A few patches of wallpaper glued right behind the bed will give a height effect to the room a little low ceiling. Even simpler, make a headboard in painting! A pot of paint, a roll, masking tape and voila. In a weekend, it’s achievable.

For hard-core DIYers that a bit of masonry does not repel, the glass-brick headboard option is worth considering. Solid and luminous, it offers a secure file in a timeless style, and allows to create a partition with a bathroom open to the room, for example. Brighten the top tray at your leisure with your favorite trinkets or beautifully vaporous plants.