Bamboo Longboards for a Perfect Slide

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Total bamboo longboards are available, you can get one over the counter at your local skate store and in just a few minutes you’re coasting along enjoying the ride. Another purpose for getting a complete longboard is that you can normally get a good deal since you’re going the complete package. Most skate stores will carry a kind of effects, provide from mini boards to huge boards like the Bustin Cigar. Ask the store clerk if you can test ride one so you can get the feel of the board, more of the time they’ll let you take it for a short test ride.

A few things to consider before buying new complete longboards. What kind of riding will you be doing? Each longboard is tailored to a different style of riding. Cruising, riding bowls, commuting, bombing hills or dancing? If you’re looking to get a good deal on board and appreciate the convenience of having a board ready to ride out of the shop then complete longboards are for you.

Loaded carries a range of complete longboards ranging from the cool ceviche cruiser board to the wicked Loaded Dervish that is ready to take on anything with a vengeance. The awesome thing about the Loaded boards is that they are all made of bamboo, so they’re really strong and super responsive.