Bamboo Wood Flooring Prices

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Bamboo wood flooring – The  bamboo flooring  is very similar to  parquet  but is described as more sustainable and more resistant. Bamboo has a very rapid growth so as to quickly compensate for felled plants for the production of floors. The bamboo flooring is suitable for domestic environments and external surfaces as it is much more resistant than other wood solutions, and it is much more resistant to water than laminated wood floors.

As is clear, bamboo flooring review is much more resistant than wood. It does not require short-term replacements and has a very long life span. The bamboo is very similar to the parquet. So that you get to talk about bamboo flooring on the market in different colors, from beige to dark brown. The highest prices are found in the field of outdoor bamboo flooring and gardens. According to homes and obtained guarantees, the price of bamboo flooring can fluctuate a lot.

30-year-old bamboo flooring for outdoor use, from the Moso line, has a price starting at 89 Euros per square meter. Best bamboo flooring for domestic use is much cheaper with prices of around 30 Euros per square meter. The highest cost is required for high density bamboo. In its high density variant, the bamboo strips are subjected to different processes up to the maximum compression of the bamboo vegetable fibers.