Banquet Tablecloths in a Stylish Idea

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Here on the page we show different ideas for banquet tablecloths. Ideas for a western-themed banquet are easy to round up when you consider the wide array of old west and modern western style food and decorations. Your Western-themed banquet can be as elegant as an old west hotel banquet hall or as rustic as a chuck wagon meal at the campfire. If the banquet is to be more on the elegant end of Western, consider decorations such as hurricane lamps and burgundy, red or white linens.

For a more rustic banquet, choose Zefyr tablecloths or plain white tablecloths with bandannas for napkins. Decorate the buffet table with items such as horse tack and lassos, faux gold nuggets and bouquets of daisies in cowboy style coffee pots or boots. Stand the life-size cut-outs of western movie characters or western icons, such as the Saguaro cactus, next to the table.

As with the rest of the party room, decorate the buffet table to coordinate with the overall style and tone of the banquet. Ideas for Western-style appetizers and snacks include: salsa and tortilla chips, cheese garlic, sourdough toast, slowly cooked grilled beans, corn bread with real butter, pinto beans, corn on cob, potato salad, coleslaw and green salad.