Beautiful Table with Folded Coral Napkins

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Coral Napkins – Setting the table is an art. Decorating the table with pleasure for our guests and depending on the occasion requires time and dedication. The small details make the difference, as is the case with napkins. The folded napkins can be original and a way to change the decoration quickly and economically.

Normally in these special dates, we do not choose to reserve a table for dinner in a hotel or a luxury restaurant, but we do it in our own house surrounded by family and friends. This does not mean that we have to neglect the style and preparation of the table, but quite the opposite. The Christmas dinner and the New Year’s Eve are the ideal occasions to bring to the table the most elegant cutlery and crockery, of which we do not remember during the rest of the year.

When we think of decorating a table, sometimes we think of napkins at the end. However, they are equally important elements that give the table a more elegant and sophisticated presence. There are innumerable ways to fold a napkin, so below we explain some of them, so you can try them when you have to decorate the table when you receive guests at home.