Black Tablecloth for Fancy Dinner

Posted on Tablecloths

Black tablecloth – Your friends arrive unexpectedly, but you still want to receive them around a table with a very chic style? You have not planned your decoration and you do not know how to proceed to present a tablecloth? The shades are associations of colors of the same tone, in gradient. The choice of the basic color will translate the theme of your table according to the symbols of this color.

A shades of blue bring serenity, the associated images being the sky, the sea, and the immensity. A shades of red or pink will be rather conducive to feelings, but also to passion and “glamor”. A shades of green will symbolize nature. You will be free to associate different values ​​of the color, choosing tablecloth, napkins, sets or table runner to compose a table to your image.

To soften the contrast, you can choose different values ​​for each color. For example, an orange associated with a light blue or a red with a light green. The dominant color of the tablecloth will set the tone of your table. By choosing a white tablecloth you will reinforce the effect produced by the bright color of towels. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!