Carbonized Bamboo Helps To Mimic the Appearance of Hardwood

Posted on Home Design

Carbonized bamboo – Carbonizing bamboo is more permanent than coloring. The carbonizing bamboo gives the floor a darker shade. To make the bamboo lighter or darker, this process can be calibrated. The word “carbon” can evoke visions of rock-hard bamboo flooring. And while bamboo reaches the top of the Janka hardness scale, carbonization has absolutely nothing to do with this quality.

Yes, the word “carbon” implies hardness and longevity. After all, on earth, carbon is the oldest element. Carbon fiber technology creates incredibly strong creations, also forming the fuselage for Boeing Dreamliners. Except for small details: carbonization has nothing to do with hardness. Instead, the bamboo flooring review is charred to give the bamboo a deep, rich, darker color, very similar to the process of coloring the wood.

Bamboo, in its natural state, has a pretty light color similar to straw. While many homeowners want certain properties of bamboo (for example, it is considered a “green” material, since it is a grass, not a wood), they do not believe this color is suitable for their home. Thus, carbonized bamboo powder floors have a darker color that looks more like colored wood floors. And to make darker or lighter, this dark color can be finely tuned.