Care Ideas for the Ceramic Knife Set

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Good ceramic knife set is extremely durable and will hold a sharp edge for years without being sharpened. It does not rust or picks up food odors, either. However, in order to maintain the life of their ceramic knives they must be properly cared for.

Most manufacturers of ceramic knives recommend that their knives be used to cut into slices. Chopped or diced too much can hinder the blade, as can any type of split. In addition, while ceramic sheets are very difficult, they are also much more fragile than stainless steel knives. They can not handle a lot of pressure, so the ceramic knives are not conducive to boning chickens, crushed garlic, etc. Carefully consider the function that your knife wishes to perform before using a ceramic knife.

Ceramic knives should not be washed in the dishwasher, as this can cause splinters, cracks or other damage to the blade or other items in the dishwasher. The unique composition of the ceramic knives means that they do not absorb odors, colors or washing liquids and so the hand with regular dishwashing detergent and hot water is enough to clean them. Make sure they are dry before storing them. The best option for storing your ceramic knives is in a knife block since it eliminates much of the risk of being cut with their extremely sharp blades while fishing in a drawer for them.