Choosing Bamboo Stakes

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo stakes have a variety of uses and are available in different lengths and diameters. Large sticks are useful for building fences and furniture, while smaller sticks are good for craft projects and home decor. Bamboo stickers provide an opportunity to be creative; a bamboo fence can be built as an alternative to a regular window border, or to frame a mirror or artwork. Variations in thickness and color are to be expected, as bamboo is a natural material.


Bamboo is sent directly to your home, which is perfect if you need a large amount of sticks. Check each online store’s terms; there will be a minimum ordering requirement and additional shipping costs. Visit construction stores, hardware stores and garden delivery stores in your area. Bamboo stakes are often sold in these stores for use as gardening or as a raw material for building trellises, holders, fencing and scaffolding.

Look for bamboo stakes in department stores, craft shops and home stores that will be used as curtain rods or arranged in a vase to make an interesting flower arrangement. Select the diameter and length of the bamboo stick that you need for your project. Bamboo sticks may be purchased individually, while bamboo fence is sold by the roll and bamboo straw is sold by the piece, or section. Buy larger diameter sticks if you plan to build a trellis or a tike bar, for example; smaller diameter sticks are best for casting or for display in a pot or vase. Thin, tapered bamboo sticks are often used to make the fishing rods or to be part of a trellis.