Decorative Serving Bowls with Lids

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Serving bowls with lids filled with fruit gives color, texture and pleasant smells to your home. But a large bowl can become a container for all kinds of unusual, beautiful treasures. Your large bowl will sit well on your dining table, on the kitchen counter, at the end of a window seat or at the end of a bookshelf. Fill your large bowl halfway with water. Float flowers, candles or a combination of both in your bowl. Allow enough space so it doesn’t look crowded. For a little extra flare, you can add a drop of caramel paint to your water.


Go out into your yard and cut some greenery for your serving bowls with lids. Branches should extend from slightly longer than the height of the bowl to approximately twice the height of the bowl. Lay a layer of floral clay on the bottom of your bowl and arrange the branches of greenery. The finished effect should be carefully clustered greenery, only slightly higher than the upper edge of the bowl. The pieces in the middle should be slightly higher than the branches in the edges.

Yarn Balls

Filled with yarn balls, your serving bowls with lids will have a rough texture look. You can mix colors of yarn, or stick to a palette, such as shades of red. Decide if you want all balls of yarn to be similar in size for a more uniform look, or different sizes for a more eclectic look. Fill our large bowl with vintage costume jewelry, pearls and chains. Decide if you want bowl filled with only silver, just gold or a combination. If you are worried about jewelry scratching the bowl, line the bowl with a beautiful piece of fabric.