Description about the Tasting Spoons

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Tasting Spoons – No matter what type of event is involved, in a good catering service you should always prepare a table of snacks according to the event and above all, elegant. This can be difficult given the need to combine practicality and good taste in the same table, so products like this spoon for tasting with avant-garde design are always welcome by catering professionals.

This tasting spoon has a modern style, semi-flat and with a fish design, is available in black and white colors, ideal for use in practically all types of parties and events. They are built in high density polystyrene , which is why, although light, they are also very resistant and undoubtedly elegant, confusing to the eye with a piece of crockery due to the satin finish of the manufacturing texture and, with all this, they are a product economic and disposable, an ideal product for all professional catering.

Despite being disposable, its polystyrene plastic construction makes this spoon for catering an ecological product, thanks to its easy recycling in the collection chain. The semi-flat design with back support in the structure of this tasting spoon makes it ideal for appetizers such as canap├ęs and ice cream, but also excellent for cocktails, being a spoon with design and all-terrain resistance, both for solids and liquids.