Do You Have Questions About Bamboo Flooring Cost

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Bamboo flooring cost – The bamboo flooring is a robust alternative, sustainable, and elegant parquet traditional hardwoods. It is distinguished from other woods by its excellent resistance to moisture and stains, and its great simplicity of installation. These unique qualities contribute to the growing interest of individuals in bamboo flooring. Existing flooring, condition of the structure, methods and installation options are all factors to consider when developing your budget.

Here are some common precautions to follow. Parquet or existing flooring: The costs of installing the bamboo flooring will include if necessary the removal of the existing flooring, especially if it is hardwood or tiling, and the preparation of the floor before the laying of bamboo slats. Indeed, some floors will have to be sanded beforehand, and any holes and crevices will be plugged to obtain the most flat surface possible.

Replacing plywood joists or subfloors: If the floor structure requires repair or replacement, the total cost of installing the bamboo flooring will be significantly increased. In some cases, existing joists or plywood boards can not provide a strong enough support to support the bamboo slats. Some homeowners install vapor barriers and / or foam protectors under the bamboo flooring to prevent the ingress of moisture into the soil or the evaporation of any toxic fumes.