Eco Friendly Interior Bamboo Wall Panels

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo wall panels – What are 3D wall panels in the office as wall coverings or wall decorations? 3D wall panels are available in various models and materials, such as polymer, bamboo and MDF. The bamboo 3D wall panels are sound-damping and 100% environmentally friendly due to the sustainable production from bamboo. These panels are hollow and the 3D panels themselves are approximately 2 mm thick .

Because the 3D wall panels have a relief, the panels on the protruding parts are max. 3.5 cm forward. This of course differs per model. Another advantage is that the 3D wall panels are white in themselves, making them easy to paint over in any desired RAL color paint .Bamboo is a strong plant, making the strength of the panels comparable to oak. If you want to come and view the bamboo and polymer 3D wall panels for the office as wallcovering or wall decoration, that is possible!

The 3D wall panels can have a pressure load of approximately 130 – 200 kg. Naturally collisions with sharp objects must be avoided. The panels are very lightweight, making the 3D wall panels easy to mount on the walls of your office, as wall coverings and wall decorations. Customers choose 3D wall panels if they also want something different than the boring flat walls or the standard wallpaper and stucco.