Effortless Caring For Engineered Bamboo Flooring

Posted on Home Design

Caring for engineered bamboo flooring is relatively easy, requiring basic maintenance for most of your life. The only true efforts invested in cleaning bamboo wood floors are preventive measures against damage. And deterioration and sealing and maintenance from time to time to keep it soft, resilient and clean. Fill the bucket with approximately 1 gallon of warm water, using more or less depending on the size of the room. Add a small amount of soap or follow the instructions on the type of cleaner you have chosen for your use.

Many cleaners are designed specifically for bamboo floors. Without wax, non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners are the best to use. Moisten the mop in the water, making sure to drain properly before use. Scrub the floor back and forth with the mop, starting at one end of the room and ending at the opposite side.

Make sure that the wet mop is unique, and that it is not leaving puddles of water or concentrations behind. Excess moisture can damage the wood. Dry the floor if necessary. You should not have to dry the floor when finished, but if you see streaks or puddles of water, you will have to dry the floor. This can be done by simply taking a dry cloth and cleaning the areas of the plant that need it.