Everything You Want To Know About Bamboo Veneer

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo veneer is paper thin single-layer bamboo on a cellulose background, the veneer is only 0.6 mm thick. It is flexible but also breaks quickly, so treat the veneer sheets carefully! You mount the veneer on plate material, it must be glued under pressure. For that you need to be really handy and / or have professional equipment. But in this way you can sometimes make shapes with a bamboo appearance that you cannot make from the thicker bamboo sheet material.

The use of bamboo boards every day is more frequent in architecture and in the manufacture of various elements in construction. Bamboo is a material that architects, interior designers and designers increasingly use as an alternative to other materials, to be manufactured with a sustainable raw material of very rapid growth. Bamboo is the fastest growing species, it can grow up to 32 meters per month, one meter per day or five centimeters per hour.

Solid bamboo boards are manufactured with several layers of bamboo crossed together, thus providing high dimensional stability. However, one of the most notorious characteristics of this bamboo board is its exclusive song, which, depending on its composition, shows very interesting combinations that can be seen, adding a touch of originality to each bamboo board.