Fanciful Dining Room with Chevron Tablecloth

Posted on Tablecloths

Sober, festive, monochrome or multicolored, the chevron tablecloth easily adapts to the interior decoration, whatever the party or the occasion. Here, the table runner is accompanied by two red stripes that are highlighted by the little red hearts. The table runner is not just for big occasions. He takes hold of our interior to brighten the decor of everyday. Among the happy lines found in the decoration stores, you will be able to find the model for your table!

If you have decided to change your way tables for a more fanciful model, why not give free rein to your artistic talent with a jousting creation adorned with funny patterns! Attests this light beige model which is adorned with a multitude of colored peas. Naturally, the table runner burlap can easily be embellished with all kinds of original patterns, to enhance the tablecloth it accompanies or the texture of the furniture he decorates.

The proof with this model decorated with herringbone patterns! Certainly, the table runner is a trendy and original accessories, which can accompany your meals every day. But what about the big opportunities? Can we incorporate it into our Halloween decor? To believe the photo above, there is nothing easier than to highlight the Halloween decor. Just draw some patterns associated with the colors of the Halloween party and voila.