Finding the Best Chefs Knife

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Best Chefs Knife – Using the right knife in the kitchen really helps your cooking work. This is a short story about a holiday dinner that turns worse because of the bad chef knife set. It’s Thanksgiving, so of course everyone is waiting for the fresh fat turkey that will decorate our table. I visited a local butcher that week, thinking that the “fresh” turkey for vacation was really seasoning. I chose one of the largest birds, and paid dearly, as the butcher said, “what you expect, fresh”. So I went home, with a present in hand.

Cooking a turkey is not an obstacle, but cutting it in front of a crowd is another story.  I quickly rummaged through the drawings of my cutlery, looking for a chef’s knife set from fifteen years ago. That’s it, a little disabled, but “good enough to do the job” I counted. I remember actually buying a knife set a year ago. It is a complete set of knives and cutlery that will do everything from cutting meat and chicken to filling fish and sprinkling meat on certain meats.

Included in the cutlery set is a pair of bread knives, and even a small knife that should be used for fruits and vegetables. There was an old style sharpener in the box, but it seemed to develop some rust on the edges. Well, holiday birds cook pretty well. Friends bring all the decorations, and I gather my “work area” to talk, where I will show off my skills in “professional engraving”.