French Tablecloth for Country Kitchen Decor

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French Tablecloth – Decorating the fireplace in the French country kitchen will give you an old-world appeal. Countryside French cuisines exude a cozy, intimate atmosphere that will make others want to stay for hours while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Having a fireplace and a French fireplace in the country will accentuate the comfortable environment and create a kitchen that is the heart of the home.

Paint your shelf one, shade and ventilated, such as yellow, cream or whitish butter. Place a lace runner along the entire length of your cloak. Alternatively, you can use a white linen corridor with scalloped trim or embroidery. Decorate your mantle with a collection of copper pots and pans, old-fashioned cookware or an old pottery collection, according to the French website Guide to Decor Field.

Hang dried flowers or herbs from your mantle by binding a ribbon around the ends and hanging them upside down from a nail or hook on your mantle. Choose accessories to place in your fireplace made of natural materials, such as wood, copper, iron, and terracotta to enhance the appeal of the French countryside. Arrange decorative baskets along the mantel and chimney. These will be useful for storing linen napkins, cutlery, and placemats or for your French country kitchen.