Harmonize and Combine Optimally Serving Spoon

Posted on Spoons

Serving spoon are an important piece in every set of cutlery. With them you can serve potatoes, vegetables, rice and many other garnishes with the greatest possible comfort. On special occasions, most people want to receive their guests with a beautiful table. Whether the dishes, the glasses or the cutlery: everything must harmonize and combine optimally. Nor should you dispense with the utensils to serve with the same design as the rest of your cutlery, since WMF has prepared utensils that combine with each collection of cutlery.

The serving spoon resembles the common spoon at first sight, but it stands out for some differences. The concave part is much more rounded than in normal spoons and is also relatively flat. This allows you to lift the food very easily, without the need to use another tool.

To this is added a much longer handle, which will make it easier to serve on the table and which allows the serving spoon not to fall off the edge of the bowl or the serving tray or into the sauce. On the whole it is bigger than the common spoon. The serving spoon is preferably used to serve solid meals. Among these are vegetables, rice, pasta and potatoes.