How to Care Boning Knife

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Boning knife that is properly cared for can last a lifetime and gives you years of careful cutting. Not only will a sharp knife properly cared for husband cooking more fun, it will be safer too. A matte or prickly knife requires more pressure and is more likely to slip when using it. Even if you cut yourself with a sharp knife, the cut will be clean, making the treatment easier and healing faster.


Avoid soaking your boning knife in hot soapy water pots for long periods of time. Soaking knives can dull the blade or cause the blade to separate from the handle. Putting knives in cloudy, soapy water is also dangerous; because you can forget that they are there and cut you. Keep your knives away from hard surfaces such as stone, metal and ceramics, which will dull a knife quickly.

Wash knives by hand in warm soapy water and wipe them with a clean towel. Putting your knives in the dishwasher can cause them to rust quickly, and the leaves can oxidize in a dish rack. Store your knives in a wooden boning knife block, on a magnetic knife bar or in the vagina they came in. Never put knives away when wet, especially in a wooden block, as bacteria can grow on the knife and in the block. If you have to keep your knives in a box, make sure they are covered to avoid chips and dents in the blade.