How to Carve a Homemade Wooden Spoons

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Wooden Spoons – A simple wooden sculpture is a great project to do as a forest activity. Your first wooden spoon may take you many hours to make, but the end result is a functional and beautiful tool that is perfect for outdoor life. Hand-carved eating spoon can be clear and easy, or complex and beautiful. Welsh loves spoon is a traditional gift to your loved ones, complete with elegantly decorated hearts and handles. Regardless of the style, sculpture is an absorbing past and a great way to gain confidence in engraving and general knife work.

At the very basic level you can carve with no more than a sturdy bushcraft knife. I have used the Mora Knife myself Training. It is cheap, strong, sharpening well and holding good advantage. The handle is a comfortable rubber grip and an elongated blade for long full handle. Avoid folding pen, knife with insufficient holder and jagged edges. Spoon sculpture, especially the first time, is an advanced project and you will end up with blisters from insufficient blades.

None of them are very expensive and have them open up various possible forest activities. In general, you are looking for a solid piece of solid wood, without a knot. I have used silver birch to give a good impression; the wood is pale, beautiful, sweet as sugar in sap, easily broken along the wheat and sharpen easily without fiber fibers. Ideally you will be able to cut off the living tree, clearly with the permission of the landowner.