How to Clean Bamboo Floors your Home

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How to clean bamboo floors? Bamboo is a unique and popular floor covering that looks similar to some hardwoods despite being technically a type of grass. The stems are cut and formed in the joints and coated with a urethane protector that will keep your plants beautiful for years to come. Although bamboo flooring is done in a non-traditional way, it is easy enough to take care of if you know how to clean properly.

The transparent urethane protective coating will protect the bamboo later on, but the floor will only look as good as the state of the coating. Over time the coating can be worn and scratched by the presence of loose debris such as dirt or sand as the feet walk on it. For this reason, it is important to keep floors free of debris to maximize pavement life.

Bamboo is water resistant, but excessive amounts of water should not be used in the finish if possible. For spills on the floor is the best solution to clean the spill with a damp cloth that has been squeezed. Regularly use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum any residue that may be left behind by the sweep diary, according to the home interiors magazine design of online interior design. Vacuuming from time to time will do a deeper job and how often it is done will depend on the amount of foot traffic you have on your bamboo floors.