How to Decorate the Bamboo Coffee Table

Posted on Home Furniture

Bamboo Coffee Table – A bamboo table is a long piece of cloth or material often placed in a dining room or a coffee table. Table runners come in many different styles, sizes, and materials. Bamboo table runners provide a more casual look than many cloth runners and are often used when adorned with an Asian or beach theme. Accessories placed in the corridor add decoration to a table otherwise.

Place the bamboo runner on the table. When using a bamboo runner on a coffee table, place it lengthwise. If it flows on the sides of the table, make sure it is even on both sides. Create an accessory grouping. Use a wooden tray to create a nice arrangement of accessories. Place the wooden tray in the table runner. The angle of the tray so it is not parallel to the table. Place accessories like three candelabras of different heights and a plant in the tray and arrange in a way that is pleasing to your sight. For an Asian theme, use a candle plate with stones and candles or a small Zen sand garden.

Add table books. Select two center table books and stack them in the table runner. If you are following an Asian theme, select Zen garden photo books. If yours is a beach theme, select house books or sail beach photo.