How to Find the Perfect Chopping Knife

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Chopping knife – Yes, I know what you will say to me: “Oh, but what does it want with its knives? “. Maybe I’m bothering you … But it seems to me that the knives are not always considered to their true value and it pains me a little. I would like to reinstate what I see as an injustice to the knives and put an end to the prejudices they experience every day. The knives are all the same (since after all, a knife would only be a handle with a blade). One of lost, ten of found (because they could escape us and find another owner).

The knives are heavy (while there are thin and light ones). The knives are only made for men (that’s wrong: we can find roses, tattooed and marked with a special dedication). The knives are dangerous, therefore not-frequent able (it is still false: there are heaps of locking systems for folding knives).

The basic model is then transformed as you make your choices that will include: its handle (nature, wood or colored polycarbonate), the effect of the blade (titanium or mirror), and the text to be engraved on the handle. In addition, they are foldable and elegant like a barber razor, faithful thanks to their clip that attaches to the belt and secured thanks to a locking system based on a spring.