How to Grow the Indoor Bamboo Plant

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Indoor Bamboo Plant – Lucky bamboo (Dracaena) is grown in many offices and homes, simply because it is a plant so easy to care for. Also known by the name of “curly bamboo” or – when planted on the ground – “tape plant,” lucky “bamboo” is actually a member of the corn family, according to the University of Illinois. Lucky bamboo grows just as well in a full glass of water or in a container full of dirt.

Place the lucky bamboo stem in the center of a broad-based jar or jar. Fill the bottom of the vessel with pebbles or marbles until the stem will remain upright without holding it by hand. Add 2 to 3 inches of water to the vessel. The more water you add, the greater the roots of the stem will grow. Place the lucky bamboo in an area that receives indirect natural light. Change the water in the glass every two weeks. Divide the stem into two or more sections when the stem grows too high for the vase. Use a saw knife to cut the stem where two segments of the stem meet. From either end of the cutting lever can be placed in the root water.

You can add one or two drops of liquid fertilizer to the water every six months. This will help promote leaf growth and production. Lucky bamboo is a tropical plant and should never be placed outdoors during the winter. Lucky bamboo can be grown in any container as a regular potted houseplant. Bury the root ball in the soil and maintain humidity at all times.