How to Install Bamboo Flooring with Cement

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How To Install Bamboo Flooring – Bamboo flooring is a fine, unique looking alternative for regular wood floors, with different grain patterns. But it is installed in the same way, with the tongue and groove binding that connects the joints firmly together. Like the wooden floor, bamboo can be either nailed down or (in many cases) stuck down. The direct glue method allows installation on concrete, provided it is solid and dry. Make the bamboo floor that you buy specify in the container that can be stuck down.

Place a layer of flooring adhesive one next to the edge of the track, next to the wall where you want to start, with your toothed spatula. Go along the entire length of the floor, leaving 3 feet from the wall. Establish the course from bamboo boards in the adhesive, in a single course along the wall, with the grooved faces of the plates facing the wall. Put stops between the boards and the wall to create a space that allows the bamboo to expand with climate changes. Cut the final table in the row on a miter saw, as needed.

Set the second course in place next to the first. Connect the boards along their long edges, using your impact wedge and a mallet to get the tongue and groove tight seams. His way of working throughout the room. Stop when you run out of space to work near the wall opposite the one you started. Install the final section of the floor that the next day, so you can kneel on the floor previously placed to work.