How to Pull Kitchenaid Mixing Bowls

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Kitchenaid mixing bowls generally work flawlessly without the need for repairs or maintenance. It’s the biggest reason why Kitchenaid mixers are among the most popular and desired mixers for home cook. The bowl mounting on the Kitchenaid KS55 and KSM90 mixer raises the bowl to the whiskers. Sometimes the lever becomes loose or parts of the lift arm pause. Perform repairs by removing the column from the mixer base.


Adjust or replace the Kitchaid Bowl Lift Handle

Examine the lift arm. It is held on the bowl lifting handle with a tapered pin. If the arm is cracked at the pin hole, replace it. Install a new bowl of the lifting handle or lever by driving out the tapered pin. After removing the pin, pull out the lifting handle. The kitchenaid mixing bowls lifting mechanism can now be replaced or adjusted. Slide the bowl lifting handle into the arm. Hold the arm with the underside facing up. Insert the handle with the larger end down. Press the handle all the way into the arm and into the bearing hole in the column.

Place the small end of the tapered pin in the arm, and drive it through the lifting handle with a small hammer or mallet. The pin must be very tight. Slide the kitchenaid mixing bowls assembly back onto the column. It is reached from the bottom of the column. Make sure the voltage is large enough to snap the rod into the arm and hold it there. Use a 3/8-inch hex nut driver. Replace the column to the base with four 5/16 “- 18 x ums inch screws. Tighten the screws 70 to 90 pounds to prevent the column from shaking off during mixer operation.