Ideas Growing Bamboo Indoors

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Growing bamboo indoors – Bamboo grows vigorously when planted in the right conditions, either in a garden or indoors in a pot. However, with increasing success bamboo is based on the interior in the choice of a variety that occurs naturally in a dim light environment, a bit dry, as they can thrive without much attention in the usual conditions indoors. However, even the most resistant bamboo species should have their basic needs covered to encourage prolific growth, so regular watering and feeding are essential for the growth of a healthy, and prosperous bamboo plant indoors.

Choose a variety of bamboo suitable for indoor growing such as bamboo fern leaf, black bamboo or bamboo Kuma-zasa, all of which are lumpy and light-tolerant Dim and low relative humidity. Pot the young bamboo plant in a permanent planter offering at least three inches of space everywhere. Use a mixture of 3 parts of potting soil, 2 parts of compost, 1 piece coarse sand and 1 part of perlite or vermiculite, when planting bamboo pots to provide abundant nutrition, moisture retention and proper drainage.

Place the potted bamboo plant where it receives about six hours of indirect sunlight per day, such as near a large window.   Bamboo plants covered with water according to their size and the needs of the species and variety. Water smaller bamboo plants to 1 inch every five days, and larger bamboo plants to 2 inches out of every seven to 10 days. Apply water only when the top inch of the soil dries.