Ideas of Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

Posted on Home Design

Bamboo flooring pros and cons – The bamboo floor is made by cutting the bamboo stems into strips and gluing these strips on boards. However, many buyers have questioned whether or not bamboo flooring is actually better for the environment than traditional wood flooring options. Although there are problems, there are ways to avoid these potential dangers of bamboo.

Being an herb, bamboo grows much more quickly than any tree and needs little fertilizer. It also produces a large amount of oxygen to combat the production of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, due to the popularity of bamboo floors, some bamboo growers have started clearing forests in fields of bamboo plants. Although the bamboo floor is supposed to be more durable than the wooden floor, bamboo that is harvested at too young an age can be prone to dents and deformations.

Formaldehyde is often present in the glues used to make bamboo boards, or used in glues to install bamboo flooring. There is little regulation regarding working conditions or paying for Chinese employees, or practices used in the manufacture of bamboo boards. Some of the practices produce a large amount of solid waste and air pollution. The bamboo flooring is available in different colors, some more ecological than the others, and installation options.