Ideas to Maintain Home Depot Bamboo Flooring

Posted on Home Design

Home depot bamboo flooring – Residential bamboo flooring is known for its hardness and ease of care to maintain its beauty. Despite the fact that bamboo flooring is relatively easy to keep clean, there are several cleaning procedures that you should perform regularly on your bamboo floor. With proper maintenance and preservation, in addition to avoiding harsh chemicals and cleaning solvents, you will be able to successfully maintain your residential bamboo flooring for many years.

Floor mats put in your home to capture dirt and debris before it comes into contact with the ground. You can also ask someone with high heels or hard shoes to take the shoes before walking on the ground. Bamboo is durable, but minimizing wear, stains and scratches will help keep your bamboo flooring for a longer period of time.

Clean spills and remove dirt as soon as possible. You can clean spills and dirt with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water. Use a soft towel to immediately dry the area you wash. Sweep the floor once a week with a mop or a very soft bristle broom. If you use a vacuum cleaner, make sure it is treated with a soft attachment on its bottom so it does not scratch the floor.