Install Rolled Bamboo Fencing to Existed Fence

Posted on Home Design

Rolled bamboo fencing comes in long rolls that can be applied to an existing fence. This is an inexpensive way to hide old, unsightly fences or give more privacy to metal fences. It is important to have a sturdy structure to receive the installation of a bamboo cane fence so that you can face it at any time. A few important steps should be taken when attaching a bamboo cane fence to an existing fence.

Measure your existing fence and determine the number of rolls or sections of fenced bamboo cane you will need. Determine the strength of your existing fence and locate the horizontal support beams at the top and bottom. Depend on the height of the existing fence and the new bamboo fence. Cut 8 to 10-inch sections of galvanized wire using the wire cutters. You will use this cable to connect the bamboo fence to your existing structure.

Start placing the fenced bamboo pole to your first fence post with galvanized wire. Be sure to thread the two ends of the galvanized wire through the existing wire in your bamboo fence. Pass the bamboo pole fence to the next fence post, and then come back and attach it every 4 to 6 inches at the top, bottom and middle until you reach the next fence post. Move forward on the extension of your bamboo fence and connect it to the existing fence until you reach the final.