Is Bamboo Flooring Waterproof

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Is bamboo flooring waterproof? Bamboo is a monocotyledonous plant of the family Poaceae, often used for decorative purposes. Bamboo flooring comes from China and other parts of Asia. This plant is also used in various and varied fields: construction of scaffolding, preservation of the environment, decoration, production of pulp, food, etc. Bamboo is a plant that offers excellent mechanical properties similar to wood: it is hard and very resistant.

Moreover, this material is of a very great dimensional stability; it is for this reason that it is used in the manufacture of parquet and flooring. Note that bamboo is an almost inexhaustible resource, since it grows very quickly and spontaneously. In recent years, many people choose bamboo flooring for their flooring. This is a solution that has several advantages.

Bamboo is a natural and ecological material, since its environmental impact is particularly low. Unlike other products available on the market, the method of production of bamboo flooring produces few emissions of chemicals. Note that bamboo is known as a renewable resource. Its stems grow very quickly and reach its optimal size in five years, while other woods take more than 30 years. Note that bamboo flooring is a product of great aesthetics. Between matte, satin and shiny, you will surely find the finish that suits you!