Learn How to Set the Table with Plastic Forks

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Plastic forks – how to organize a kitchen and learn how to set the table with all the essentials by hand and in order. A meal can not be called that if all the essentials are not on the table:  cutlery, glasses, plates and textiles differentiate a meal from an appetizer, a snack or lunch from a lunch box.

In this course you will see how important it is to put the table with these elements in order so that eating is something comfortable and not something you do in a hurry. It is so important to set the table well whether you are all eating or you have to do it by yourself.

A crockery is a portrait of each family’s robot: from identical plates, through those worn to the most eclectic combinations of colors and shapes. Whatever your dishes, the important thing is that you have enough dishes to finish the meal: repeat for dessert if you want but never for a dish. A couple, for example, has enough with a crockery of 6. A family of 6 instead, will need 12 dishes to avoid having to juggle when there are visitors. Be that as it may, always have a spare pair: do not come with a fall alarm!