Lowes Bamboo Flooring In Your Home

Posted on Home Design

Lowes Bamboo Flooring – Are you considering replacing an outdated floor? Or are you building a new home and through the process of choosing your floor choice? If so, here are five main reasons we choose Bamboo Floors on a wooden floor type. Because the material is cloudy and highly renewable, bamboo flooring is a product that is very environmentally friendly. If you see the benefits of reducing the number of trees cut each year for building materials and other uses, you will quickly appreciate the value of the environment that provides bamboo flooring.

Although scientifically classified as grass, Bamboo has been the laboratory tested to be 6% harder than oak floors. Because of its hardness, it is not easy to use. The bamboo floor will be an oak floor. Many manufacturers of bamboo floors also provide a lifetime guarantee. Because it will last a long time, the usage fee per year is very low. Bamboo floors are stronger and harder than any wooden floor. Bamboo is actually used as a rebar for reinforced concrete beams, because it has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs per square inch compared to 23,000 for steel. There is no durable wooden floor from bamboo.

Although bamboo is grass and not a tree, after being made to the floor, bamboo has the same charm as traditional wood floors. There is a natural beauty of the product. Like wood, bamboo can be prepared with a clear protective layer, or it can be colored to give color. The beauty of multi-class bamboo matches takes the stick.