Pretty Blush Sequin Tablecloth

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Blush sequin tablecloth – The use of fabrics Look in your table, you will find a fabric, a scarf or a scarf. It will serve as a table runner. You will dress your low furniture, such as stools, tables and benches. Dress them with your most beautiful fabrics. A bench with cushions and fabrics will be embellished by beautiful textures. This time, we can marry complementary colors by adding a neutral color (gray, taupe or beige) that will soften the contrasts while being influenced by the surrounding colors.

For example, purple towels, kiwi green table runners or runners on a gray tablecloth. You will also be able to invert contrasts by mixing and modifying the harmonies of napkins and plates on a single table. Given free rein to your creativity and surprise your guests!

These are the most complex to achieve but using very different shades it is possible to achieve very refined associations, tonic or relaxing. In this case it will be preferable to use light colors for important surfaces (tablecloths and table runners) and to bring a contrast with the towels or plates in more tonic colors. These colorful tables will bring gaiety and fantasy for meals with friends or birthdays.