Silver Fork: They Look Gleaming!

Posted on Forks

Silver fork – If we talk about quantities, make sure you have at least twice as many utensils as you need, half of them are always in the dishwasher! In addition, the spoons of the dessert disappear every two times! Among the basics are those of always: knife, fork , soup spoon and another for dessert. According to your favorite foods, add some more specific ones like ice cream spoons, forks for cakes and knives for meat or fish.

Keep in mind that the cutlery adapts to you in form and design: there are modern style, traditional, classic, contemporary … You can also have a separate game so that on special occasions they look gleaming! And do not forget about serve the food: you will probably need a ladle, a knife for bread and another for pies and spoons and large forks for salads.

And how many dishes are used per person? That also depends on each one. You will need them bigger or smaller depending on if you are a family that you eat a lot or rather little. Of course, do not forget the deep dish and the small bowl for soups and pasta. Add some matching cups for coffee and breakfast to your dinnerware: they’ll come in handy