Simple but Elegant Custom Napkins

Posted on Napkins

Custom napkins are both decorative and practical. By folding napkins in different ways, you can create decorative and elegant shapes that will entertain dinner guests. Napkins can be folded and placed next to dinner plates, or they can be folded to hold silverware. Whether you throw a fancy party or a casual companion, folding napkins can properly enhance the look of your dining table.

Use a cloth napkin to create a simple but elegant place for silverware. Open the napkin and lay it out in front of you. Fold the napkin in the middle so that the open end faces you. Fold the napkin in the quarter and make sure the open corner opens to the left. Take the top layer and fold it in the middle. Turn the napkin (make sure it doesn’t unfold) and place the open corner to the right.

Fold the right side of the napkin over about a third of the way. Repeat this on the left side. Turn the napkin and put silverware in your pocket. Cloth napkins are best for creating this simple napkin decoration for the table. Push your napkin through a napkin ring. Turn out the ends to create a fan shape. Place napkin on top of plates or just over plates. Napkin rings can be fancy or plain, depending on which party you throw.