Simple Dinner with Nice Plaid Cloth Napkins

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Plaid cloth napkins – Finally, the table looks a lot nicer and more chic when you’ve done something nice with the napkins. Do you want to have the best table decoration for Christmas? Of course, the napkins are part of a festive atmosphere. So in a few steps we show you how to fold the napkins for Christmas! With this simple guide you can create the shape of a pine tree that looks stylish and cute on the table. You will also impress your guests with such napkins. Let’s start!

So you have a Christmas napkin that is such a beautiful Christmas table decoration. Place the pine tree in napkins in the plate. You can also add extra decorations to taste, for example small stars! Anyway, you have a unique ornament on a festive table. Discover our other creative suggestions in the image gallery! Have fun folding!

It is all about decorating napkins with beautiful flowers. These flowers are probably just from the roadside. Cow parsley and such mini flowers are beautiful and free. You can pick them (2-3 days in advance), as long as you put them in water. While you can fold paper napkins into shapes, it is more difficult. Use cloth napkins whenever possible.