Small Glass Bowls with Lids for Everyone!

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Almost everyone will have a number of small glass bowls with lids for leftovers, loose herbs, a block of cheese or whatever. Not everyone feels comfortable storing food in plastic. In addition, plastic storage containers do not last a lifetime and then it is unsustainable plastic waste again. The solution: glass containers! I bought a few and like to share my experiences. I like to be busy with food, I don’t like to throw anything away and I prefer to pack things in the fridge airtight.

The result is that my freezer, refrigerator and storage cupboards are inhabited by dozens of plastic storage containers of various sizes and brands. Works great, but there are also disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage for me personally is that they are simply not sustainable. And I don’t even mean how they are produced, but especially that you can often only use it for a few years.

Due to heat or cold they deform, sometimes it is impossible to completely remove an oil layer and then there is the challenge of ‘yellow root’ or ‘turmeric’.  I often use this delicious spice in soups and curries, the perfect candidates for a stay in the freezer. And that yellow, you will never get it out completely with plastic containers.