Small Wooden Spoons: Perfect for Serving Desserts

Posted on Spoons

Small wooden spoons – Ladles to serve broths and the like are useful, but the size of the head of this type of spoons is not always the most practical to serve certain foods. And although the above does not invalidate the usefulness of traditional kitchen ladles at all, sometimes having a spoon to serve , like the one shown here, and with a format closer to that of a common spoon can allow a more functional work for serve food in the kitchen.

But also gratins and cakes can be served optimally. This spoon is also perfect for serving desserts. Thanks to its rounded shape, creams, sorbets, ice creams or small cakes can be served in a wonderful way. For each WMF collection you will find among our range of products the serving spoon that combines. You will find classic models, such as the Fächer serving spoon , or timeless variants of collections such as Boston or Vision .

This will complete your cutlery set with the cutlery to serve. They combine and make sure they can serve their meals with the appropriate elegance.  Not as small as a spoon, not as big as a tablespoon of soup. This serving spoon has the ideal size to move and serve small food garnishes from pots or pans , as well as an excellent utensil for sauces, purées and stir and serve portions of salad.