Spoon Straws in One Piece Ideas

Posted on Spoons

Spoon Straws – Today I bring you a nice utensil that brings together a spoon and a straw all in one piece. So, that it can serve, for example, to take cereals from breakfast to spoonfuls. And end up drinking the milk from the bowl sucking through the straw or straw.

The other day, I saw this curious article called Sip N Spoon in Purchase and it caught my attention because many times, these practical designs can make it much easier to feed the youngest of the house, or at least make them more fun meals. When I saw it, I thought about my nieces, who sometimes give a little war at breakfast time, and also have a hard time cheering up to try fruit salads and other desserts and I think that with these two spoons in one, They would take these dishes a lot more comfortable, taking the fruits with the spoon and the juice with the straw.

Made of plastic material and in 6 different colors, they can be an original and fun gift for birthdays and children’s parties. For its price, this spoon and straw all in one piece can be an interesting acquisition, since it does not reach two euros per unit if purchased in packages of 4 units.