Techniques for Repairing Copper Bowls

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Copper bowls, a lot of copper cookware and ware, attracts the praises of many chefs for its high conductivity and durability. If you have very old copper bowls, however, you may find it necessary to repair damage acquired during your years of use. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to complete the repairs yourself or you may need to take your bowls to a professional.

By first removing tarnish, you can restore the original shine of your copper bowls and even repair what first appeared to be more serious damage. If your copper bowls have a lacquered covering, you can easily apply soap and water. If the bowls are not lacquered, a more complete polish is necessary to eliminate the accumulation of rust, which is produced by the reaction of copper with dark air. You can remove tarnish by boiling an entire cup in a mixture of water, salt, and vinegar.

Cookware and serving ware offers a thin coating of copper more or, less frequently, of silver or nickel. As an exception, copper bowls for whisking eggs are usually unlined because of many cooks that copper surface improves egg whites a spike and do not discolor. Your old copper bowls may require retaining, a better repair technique performed by a professional. Finished metals companies often offer to retain especially for copper utensils. You can retain purely copper bowls or apply a fresh coat of tin to bowls with a worn tin coating. The technology of retaining has changed very little, and many services still use old retaining techniques, clean by hand.