The Current Decorating Trend Monogram Napkins

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Monogram napkins – At your wedding, everything must of course be perfect. And that means: paying attention to the details. Such as the napkins. Now you can go to the store and get very expensive napkins that have already been made ready-made. But it is much more fun – and super easy – to fold your napkins yourself! For large dinner parties, a rolling napkin is a simple and easy way to transport silverware from the kitchen to the dining room.

Scroll a few extra if you have additional guests or in case of silverware fall off the table during the meal. Fold a cloth napkin diagonally. Place the cutlery (knife, fork and spoon) along the napkin folded. Roll the napkin with silverware until the point. Fold the ends of the napkin and turn the napkin roll to secure.

Depending on the size of the table and the number of guests invited, napkins can be placed to the left of dinner plates with silverware resting on top or napkins can be placed on dinner plates or just above the plates. If creating a decorative napkin fold, place the napkins on top of the plates to add style and drama to your table. Paper napkins should be placed next to dinner plates or stored in a small container on the table.