To Hold a Pickle Fork

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Pickle fork – The fork is a laid table with two or more tips (generally four) denominated prongs and arranged in a comb. It’s used to pierce solid foods and bring them to the mouth or to keep them firm and cut by means of a knife. There are several rules that describe when you hold the plug in your left hand, and when the right one.

If you have enough soft dishes like vegetables or pickle, you can safely take a napa pickle fork in your right hand. To split these plates into pieces, they don’t use a knife to help the knife, but do it with a fork. The rules of the table label are allowed to eat these dishes only with a fork. Also, do not cut with a knife, dumplings, dumplings and boiled vegetables pickle.

Today, the most popular material for making pickle fork oreillys and spoons – “stainless steel”, which does not react with alkalis, nor with salts, nor with acids. Most often used 18/10 stainless steel, composed of 10% nickel and 18% chromium. Nickel protects from food acids and gives shine to the product. While chromium is responsible for the resistance and anti-corrosion ability of the alloy. The end.