Useful and Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bowls

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Bamboo bowls – Bamboo, we have already mentioned in this blog, is a great renewable natural resource: it grows without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and recycles a large amount of carbon dioxide. We wanted to go back to the non-decorative aspect of bamboo but of its useful aspect: bamboo crockery. Small summary: once the bamboo harvested, it is stored and dried. Then it is cut into thin strips that are assembled from template, planed and sanded. Everything is then coated and painted.

We will talk here about lacquered bamboo crockery that is the brightest and strongest. Lacquer is used in Asia for 3000 years, manufacturing techniques are ancestral and are no longer to prove. That’s why we can talk about eco-friendly bamboo dishwashers with no worries about health. In addition, all this work is done by artisans grouped in a farm worker cooperative.

Everyone is committed to preserving areas where bamboo grows, recycling, using natural materials, limiting CO2 emissions, not employing children and sending them to school. In addition, unlike our traditional earthenware, bamboo has this quality of being an excellent insulator: the bamboo keeps warm hot dishes and on the contrary keeps cool food cold. The varnish protects the bamboo, but in addition, prevents the bowls or salad bowls are tinted or scented by food.